Do the right thing. Do the thing right.

Let's do it

New, Neuw, Noo, Nee, Neo… it’s Neu

We do

We do the right thing

We make digital products that people love to use. We innovate, create and problem solve. Everything we build is relentlessly focused on creating value and solving a problem for users. Our best ideas come from experimentation and rapid prototyping.

We do the thing right

We think prototypes work better than power-points. We like to get things done and move projects forward. We move at a substantial pace and with laser-focus on the feature or problem to be solved.

We do it together

You are the expert at what you do and we like to think we are the experts at what we do. Through collaboration we thrive. Our best ideas are founded from genuine relationships.

Our Partners

Warner Music

Helping establishing the Warner Music internal innovation capacity.


Shipping creative campaign ideas alongside the Proximity agency.

Virgin Records

Increasing engagement with artists though innovative digital products.


The digital product partner to one of the UK's best selling beers.

White Claw

Pioneering an innovative e-commerce channel in the US.


Collaborating with Google and a large scale European news publisher.


Helping build a FinTech start-up from the ground up to make giving to good causes easy.

Bombay Saphire

Enabling consumers to explore the origins of Bombay’s ingredients.

Our Services


  • - Design Sprints
  • - User Research
  • - Roadmapping
  • - Product Strategy
  • - Post-launch Optimisation


  • - Interaction Design
  • - Visual Design
  • - User Testing
  • - Prototyping


  • - Architecture Planning
  • - Web & Mobile Applications
  • - API & CMS Development
  • - DevOps
  • - QA
  • - Voice Technology
  • - Machine Learning