Getting written about in the press is like rocket fuel to any new business, but traditionally, it's difficult to get the press to take notice of you without hiring the expensive services of a PR agency. Sarah Lee, a PR veteran, thought this wasn't fair. We agreed and so built PingGo - a simple to use self-serve platform that disrupts the PR industry by enabling small businesses to get their story in the press without hiring a PR agency.

Making anyone a PR Pro.

PingGo enables anyone to write and distribute press releases in less than a minute. PingGo was founded by a PR industry veteran and partnered with neu to develop the core idea, build the product and bring it to market. We’ve taken PingGo on a journey from 0 to over 2,500 users in a matter of months.

Structuring your Story

Many small businesses already do press outreach themselves by writing their own press releases, the problem is that they aren't writing what journalists need. A good press release fits a structure that enables journalists to easily understand the facts so that they can do their job well - writing the story.

With this in mind, we developed a unique question and answer system which was designed so that users could clearly articulate their story in a way that journalists want to write about. The easier you make it for a journalist to write the story, the more likely they will.

It's a team sport

You might be the one tasked to write the press release, but you're going to need to the input of your co-workers. It may be a quote from the production team, checking the messaging is right with marketing or getting final sign off from the CEO - it all needs to be done and done quickly.

PingGo puts team collaboration at the heart of the process. Once you've written your release you can send it to colleagues for them to sign off. If they have any questions a simple commenting system means you can iron any issues out in a matter of minutes.

Ready to follow up

Every good journalist is going to have follow up questions - and with the speed that news moves they need the answers fast!

All from within the PingGo platform users can send, track the opening of and follow up with any questions that a journalist has. The key is, make it as easy as possible for a journalist to write about you.

A Product Hunt user review

“I’ve worked with a lot of digital agencies. neu are in a league of their own. You are immediately welcomed as part of the team and they work hard to keep channels of communication strong. They are not afraid to challenge but just as importantly they are not afraid to be wrong. neu are a new breed of digital designers. "

Sarah Lee - Founder