Sustainably want's to make giving to good causes as easy and frictionless as possible. With the advent of PSD2 bank integrations, it's the perfect time to make this mission come true with a user-centred digital product.

Change the world every time you shop

Sustainably's first product is Round-ups. Using secure bank APIs it connects directly to your bank account to link your spending and giving. With each transaction you make Sustainably rounds up the value to the nearest pound and donates the difference directly to the causes you care about most. It makes giving private, transparent and controllable.

Set and forget, it's under control

One of the first questions we asked was "how do I know how much I should give?". To answer this we decided to tie it to how much you spend - if you have a flush month, maybe you should donate more. In order to calculate this we built a direct integration with users bank accounts. Sustainably rounds up every transaction to the nearest pound, and donates the difference.

See where your donations come from...
...and the impact they have

One place to rule them all

One of the major problems consumers experience with giving to good causes is the loss of privacy. As a major source of revenue charities will go to great lengths to get you to give, and to keep giving. This looks like junk mail in the post, cold calls and unsolicited emails. Sustainably is your gate keeper. Charities get the access they need but you get the power to choose how much you hear.

"Working with neu enabled us to get our first product to market quickly. They have a great approach to product design, strategy and technical build."

Loral Quinn, Founder - Sustainably