In large organisations, innovation is slow. We use our objectivity and expertise to speed it up.

From proposition to prototype we run experiments with real users that generate objective results. This minimises risk and enables you to innovate faster.

We believe that corporate innovation teams create some of the best ideas because they are close to the market but they are often constrained by internal bureaucracy, slowing them down.

At Neu, we supercharge your team to accelerate how they test new ideas — enabling them to test more propositions and find the winners before their competitors do.

How we
help you

Test your ideas while they’re hot

When your pipeline is full of ideas it can take too long to test them; competitors are gaining momentum and leaving you behind.

We speed up your innovation process by testing what matters to customers, beating your competitors to the next big thing.

Get real world data to make better decisions

It’s hard to tell the difference between good and bad ideas when your team is too close to them.

We objectively gather insight from the market to produce quantitative and qualitative data so that you can confidently kill bad ideas and fast forward the good.

Supercharge your innovators

Internal bureaucracy often constrain your momentum when testing ideas. Resources are often sparse and teams have to be built from scratch.

We are a proven team of ready-to-go researchers, designers, marketers and engineers that partner with innovation teams to take ideas from proposition to prototype.

Neu has been an integral part in developing a first-to-market solution for our business. The team’s agility and expertise have allowed us to understand completely new user behaviour within a highly regulated industry.

Dalton Ulm
White Claw