We turn great ideas into successful digital products and ventures.

Partnering with the world’s top founders and companies we create and grow new digital products and services.

What we do



Great ideas are only successful when they solve a real problem. At the beginning nothing is clear. We’ll help you define the problem you’re solving, who you’re solving it for for and how we’re going to solve it. These are the foundations of any great product.

World class experts in

  • Product Management
  • Product Design
  • Product Marketing
  • Software Engineering

Working with neu gives you access to an experienced interdisciplinary team to make your vision real.

Over the years we’ve developed a proven, flexible and collaborative process the guarantees that we can ship to an extremely high standard.

Product Managers lead the process and set the course. Product Designers design elegant solutions to solve real problems. Product Engineers choose the best technologies and ship early and often, iterating and improving in every deployment.

We build the right thing, for the right people, fast.

Products we've shipped


Making anyone a PR Pro. Write and distribute press releases in less than a minute.


Change the world everytime you shop - and see how you're changing it.


One of the first Messenger bots on Facebook. A Lazyset is your personal DJ.