Case study

Feels FM
The emoji powered jukebox


How do you glean insight from a demographic who aren't interested in a survey?

SeeMe exists to tackle the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health. As part of Young People 2018 they were commissioned by the Scottish Government to get young people aged between 8 to 26 talking about what mental heath and well being meant for them.

For SeeMe to understand the best ways in which to support young people they needed to understand directly how young people felt about their own, and talking about, mental health.

But why would anyone take part in this conversation? SeeMe need to talk to their audience in a fun and authentic way that made discussing the subject as open and easy as possible.


Make an interactive experience that empowered young people to give their thoughts and opinion as simply as possible using two of the worlds most common languages - music and emojis.


Most policy surveys will bore you to tears. There was no way that the target age group would respond well to a multiple choice survey form - we needed something fun.

We built a host of entertaining micro interactions from a snake enabled gameboy emulator to an etch a sketch. Some visible and others hidden...

Chit Chat

We wanted the kind of answers you'd give your best friend so we designed a chat-style interface to make it feel just like that.

How about a playlist to match your mood? We built an algorithm that took the answers from the survey and generated a unique playlist which saved directly to the users Spotify account.


In the first few months SeeMe had almost 5000 survey responses - much much higher than the expected industry average. Feels FM went on to be featured on national news and directly impact the Scottish Government mental health policy.